Our Vision

Imagination and role playing help train the mind and build the soul. They help us find out who we want to be and how to find ways to create the world we wish to live in. Friendships made around the gaming table can last a lifetime and teach players the importance of teamwork and sacrifice in the pursuit of noble goals.

Our Mission

To provide quality fantasy role playing products to the public while justly rewarding the contributions of artists and writers.

Games for Gamers

Most large companies have lost sight of their core audience and sacrifice what gamers love about Role Playing Games for a chance to gain some sales from consumers who don’t like RPGs.

Cailore Fantasy™ keeps its focus on the magical roots of the hobby and embraces that special niche of humanity who love adventure fantasy games for what they are: pen and paper, die rolling festivities, with a group of friends around a table. Not replications of console shooter games—not that we think console shooters are necessarily bad, we just don’t think role playing games should be modeled after them.

Artistic Freedom

The thing we hate most about the modern game and entertainment industries is their absolute focus on commercial exploitation—both of their customers and the people who create their games. Cailore Fantasy seeks to break the chains and give artists what they deserve while giving the customer great value.

We can do this because we don’t pay shareholders for the privilege of owning our work, everyone who receives profits from Cailore Fantasy are people who have directly contributed to its success. And best yet, artists are not forced to surrender the rights to their works.

Shares o' Swag

Run like a pirate ship—success depends upon the efforts of all those aboard—rightfully then those efforts are rewarded with a share of all profits.

Contributions to Cailore Fantasy earn shares. 90% of the income received from product sales are divided among the artists, writers, and editors who worked on the product according to shares earned, while the other 10% is distributed among all Cailore Fantasy contributors based upon lifetime shares earned. All income from other sources goes directly to the general fund for distribution based on those lifetime shares—this makes sure everyone who has helped build the world is rewarded from every sale in perpetuity.

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