Welcome to the Cailore Fantasy Jobs Page!


“Jobs” is a bit of a misnomer—we don’t offer jobs, we offer creative partnerships. Artists and writers don’t receive a one-time fee for their contributions to our products, they earn shares of the profit from that product in perpetuity and more impressively, they earn a share of the profits in all future Cailore Fantasy products as well.

If that sounds incredible, that is because too often in the modern economy creative types are left to fight over scraps massive corporations sometimes see fit to throw our way. However, we can start to shift this paradigm by leveraging the unique benefits of our time—the Internet and low-cost publishing.


Our Vision

Imagination and role playing help train the mind to find out who we want to be and how to find ways to create the world we wish to live in. Friendships made around the gaming table can last a lifetime and teach players the importance of teamwork and sacrifice in the pursuit of noble goals.


Our Mission

To provide quality fantasy role playing products to the public while equitably rewarding the contributions of artists and writers.


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If you like what you see and are an artist, writer, or editor who enjoys the Fantasy Adventure genre, then follow the Join Us link to start your adventure with us today, and begin the career you always wanted.