Frequently Asked Questions

If you distribute 100% of the income between the contributors, how does the company make any money?

The company IS the contributors. We don’t have any marketing people, janitors, or CEOs to pay. So after we pay our few expenses (e.g. website hosting, business licensing fees, modest online advertising, and bookkeeping), all of the rest of the money can be distributed to contributors. For more information, please refer to the Cailore Fantasy Contributors’ Agreement.

If I submit a drawing and it gets used in two different products, do I earn shares of the income from both products?

Yes, you do. You get credit for being a contributor to any product in which your writing or artwork is used.

Is there something specific you are looking for? What kind of art do you need?

We are always looking for what we’ll call environmental spot art. These are the small drawings that show landscapes or adventurers going about doing their business. These are usually generic enough they can be slipped into any publication to help break up the text of an adventure. You can submit any drawing in this category any time you like, and we’ll keep it in our catalog of spot art when we slip it into a product, you’ll earn shares in that product. This type of art is always ‘non-exclusive’ so you are welcome to license it to other publishers as well, so long as you don’t tell them they have ‘exclusive rights. Each month we also send out a newsletter to all our contributors where we’ll give details about projects we are working on, you can submit either exclusive or non-exclusive are to fulfill those needs at that time. Our system is all about flexibility for our contributor and fairness in the distribution of profits.

Right now, we are working on the following projects, with notes about what we need:

  • Our rules for dominion rulership and mass combat;
    • Castles, nobles, and engines of war;
  • The Travelers’ Guide to Auctorus;
    • Heavy on landscape and settlement pictures, we’ll be providing a link soon for some landmarks we’d like exclusive agreements for;
  • An adventure where the party is serving the ghost of an orc king who was betrayed by his warlords. The party is sent on a cross-country adventure to hunt down the descendants of the traitors and free the spirit of the orc king, or they discover a darker truth and confront the consequences. This adventure follows a thread started in our Adventure Portfolio Lairs of Lawlessness;
    • Environmental illustrations of the hills and plains of Orkmark;
    • A few orcish settlements;
    • Orks!

I am an artist, but I like to write too. Can I be both an artist and a writer?

Yes, you can. If you are interested in joining our shared world as a writer, we’d be interested in discussing it. With a large world to fill with excitement, we welcome adventure submissions, fiction based on the world of Ǻrth. If world building is your thing, we could even give you a section of Ǻrth to call your own. Send us a message and let us know what kind of contributions you wish to make.

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